Hubdog 1.2

RSS reader compatible with podcasts and videocasts

What is Hubdog? “A revolutionary new way to enjoy your Pocket PC, and it’s absolutely free !”. Play, find, share, publish and discover fresh infotainment & entertainment content across unlimited media channels fit to your mobile device.

HubDog lets you aggregate Media, Podcast, Vidcast channels directly to your Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Hubdog combines a streamlined RSS reader, podcast player, a unique search engine, and channels that can be shared among community members and synced with Internet Explorer and Firefox desktop web browsers.


Fetch your favorite web media and bring it to your Pocket PC, access content online and offline wherever you are, everywhere you go ! Generate Topic Watch channels from specific keywords via Google News, Flickr, Webjay, Fotolia, Blinkx and many other digital content catalogues embedded within Hubdog’s unique mobile media search engine.


Share your public channels with every member of the Hubdog community, browse and subscribe to other member’s channels, browse channels by tag, discover suggested content, latest channel entries and most popular community channels.


Gain access to a constantly expanding free mobile content community where you can combine your favorite Podcasts, Blogs, Videos, Image, Music and Text feeds in as many mobile channels as you can imagine.

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Hubdog 1.2

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  • by Anonymous

    The Best RSS reader around.
    Does text, audio, video and photo easily and with a very well presented user interfa...   More